Endpoint PCR

VitaTaq® DNA Polymerase




VitaTaq® DNA Polymerase is a robust, and reliable Taq DNA Polymerase suitable for all common PCR applications.

dNTP Mix (10mM each)




It is a ready-to-use solution containing 10 mM of each  nucleotide (dATP, dTTP, dCTP and dGTP) that can be used directly in most PCR protocols, requiring no further dilution.

VitaTaq® PCR Kit & HS PCR Kit




VitaTaq® PCR Kits are conventional PCR reagent sets

Since the enzyme and buffer are in different packages, it ensures that sufficient number of reactions can be prepared for the application

The included HotStart feature allows full control over the reaction start and protects the enzyme for maximum performance.

2X HS Mastermix Clear & Gold

PCCSKU1004 / PCCSKU1005 / PCCSKU1006 / PCCSKU1007 / PCCSKU1008 / PCCSKU1009

2X HS Mastermix Clear and Gold are 2X formulations of VitaTaq® DNA Polymerase that were developed for routine applications that must be a standardized as possible and do not allow for reaction-to-reaction deviations.

It contains enzyme, an optimized buffer and dNTPs, all there is to add is primer and template.

VitaTaq® HS Multiplex Kit

PCCSKU1010  / PCCSKU1011 / PCCSKU1012

Vitataq® Hs Multiplex Kit is a convenient multiplex formulation of VitaTaq® DNA Polymerase optimized for applications with multiple primer pairs in one reaction.

The reaction buffer propagates efficient & selective annealing of all primers to the template DNA and protects the enzyme during long PCR experiments and under harsh cycling conditions.

HotStart Antibody



HotStart Antibody is a highly pure antibody that binds to Taq DNA Polymerase and thereby blocks its polymerase activity. At the very beginning of the thermal cycling protocol, the antibody is inactivated and with this “Hot Start”, Taq DNA Polymerase regains its function. This highly controlled reaction start prevents non-specific amplification and grants maximum control over the reaction conditions.