With our VonderCARE brand, which raises the standards in healthcare services in Turkey, contributes greatly to the development of the sector and always continues our work with the aim of development, we carry out our production of health protection and care products such as wound dressings, elastic bandages, bandages, eye pads, transparent PU patches and catheter fixing tapes. In all the steps we take to improve individuals’ quality of life and support their health, we follow the developing technology under the leadership of science and take care to offer innovative solutions.


We supply plastic consumables with our VonderLAB brand and we produce these products in our VonderPLASTİK factory that we established under this brand. Thanks to our ever-growing service network and increasing number of personnel, we continue to offer the best service with superior quality.


With our VonderMED brand, which we established for medical devices, we continue our work by collaborating with the world’s best brands for all endoscopic equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment processes of minimally invasive endoscopic (closed) surgeries and offer the best service to our country. Our brand’s portfolio includes ultrasound systems, endoscopy towers and imaging systems, as well as innovative endoscopic equipment for urology, general surgery, gynecology, anesthesia, emergency services, ear, nose and throat, pulmonology, thoracic surgery and orthopedic clinics.


With our VonderBIO brand, which aims to improve the quality of life of all living things, we analyze the unique genetic codes of each living creature and reveal secrets that they do not know about themselves. Our brand’s portfolio includes oral microbiota test, gut microbiota test, athlete gene test and parasite tests for pets.


Under our VonderGEN brand, we are the distributor of PROCOMCURE BIOTECH, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies based in Austria, and ALLSHENG, with its wide product network of laboratory devices. Genetics and Bioengineering are our core areas of expertise, and we are open to developing special enzymes and analysis methods in close cooperation with our customers, as well as ready-to-use products. With our VonderGEN brand, we continue our work in growing sectors such as biotechnology, molecular biology and medical genetics with an ever-expanding staff.


Under the umbrella of Med Genetics, we continue to deliver the highest quality products and devices to the sector with the agreements we have made with the world’s leading companies in line with the needs of the sector. While we offer you many products under our company’s sub-brands, we continue to be your solution partner under our main brand, Med Genetics. Under the Med Genetics brand name, we introduce our disposable nitrile glove product to all representatives of the sector.