Cotton Gauze Bandage

10 cm x 1,5 m / 5 cm x 1,5 m/ 10 cm x10 m / 15 cm x 10 m/ 10 cm x 100 m/  10 cm x 50 m

Cotton Gauze Bandage is made of 100% cotton yarn woven dressing material with knitted edges.  While helping to keep the wound clean, it allows the skin to breathe and helps the wound to heal  with its permeability feature.

Elastic Gauze Bandage

15 cm x 4 m / 10 cm x 4 m/ 8 cm x 4 m/ 6 cm x 4 m /10 cm x 2m / 15 cm x 2 m

With the help of its porous structure it allows the skin and the wound to breathe. It conforms easily to all body contours. Its soft, light and elastic texture wraps the skin tightly in the injuries requiring support. It is soft and has a durable structure, its elasticity rate is 100%.

Super Elastic Bandage

6 cm x 4,5 m/ 8 cm x 4,5 m/ 10 cm x 4,5 m/ 12 cm x 4,5 m/ 15 cm x 4,5 m

Super Elastic Bandage is used for various injuries such as sprains. It has 200% elasticity. It is made of cotton and elastic yarn. It is durable, washable and easy to wear.